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You can portray anything on the silver screen, except real human death. It debunks any fiction and ruins the „feeling of reality”. Pictures of death in cinema force us to measure the distance between the screen and our sofas, to acknowledge our status of a viewer, to define ourselves as just peeking and fantascising*. That is something no one can act out. Thanks to that fact, the viewer always keeps his distance from the story told.  That is precisely why we can intake so much suffering, dead bodies, wars, extraterrestrials and cataclisms at once. We know that none of it is real. With the development of cinematography there are new ways of killing invented, new ways to show intergalactic wars etc. Death in those new concepts seems painless. The fear of portraying death in a more symbolic way is distinctive to the new culture. It is the expression of a common feeling - that death is nothing and  n o t h i n g  can not be imagined or portrayed**.

* Death in cinema Gerard Lenne
** Death of another man, Phipippe Aries